~*~Becky~*~ (doeeyedbecky) wrote in sep2009babies,

Telling other children?

I have 3 other children... A 6 1/2 year old girl(lives with her birth father), and both a little boy and a little girl, both 2 years old (the girl is my daughter, the boy is my 2nd cousin who I'm raising).

I haven't told the 2 younger ones yet, but I THINK Tamra (the 6 1/2 year old) has an inkling. She's to the point of reading now by sounding out words, and last time we saw each other, she sounded out the words on my prenatals. I don't think she knows what 'prenatal' means, but she knows it's SOMETHING to do with babies. (My bottle says 'For healthy babies.')

Has anyone else told their other children yet? How did you tell them?
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