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So, since we're either IN the 2nd trimester, or VERY close to it, Has anyone started thinking of names yet?
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I'm sort of set. We name after relatives so I have a couple of options for each sex and we'll probably wait to decide until he/she is born.

Ok for a girl its Jaydan Fionna and for a boy Jaden (havent throught of a middle name yet)
I like Jaden!
i think we have a boy name picked from the last time. the middle name is just a little iffy. we aren't sure about a girl, again. i want to name the kid after someone on Lost. because i'm obsessed.
We're odd. We've had them since before our first baby was conceived, at the suggestion of the fertility clinic...you know, just in case, they told us to make a list of three for each!

So our boy name is Johnathan Robert (he'd be known as Jack) and our girl name is Sarah Katherine or Sarah Lynne. Not 100% sure on the middle name. (My 2 year old is Elizabeth Anne, AKA Ellie.)
My Hubby and I have had names picked out since I got pregnant again. For a boy, it's Cameron Michael. And for a girl it's Caelynn Marie.
I like BOTH those names!
Thanks! We have a theme going. All of our family names begin with a ka- sound.

Kyle Kelly Connor so far. :)

What about you? Any names?
If its a boy it will be Bruce Leeland. We had this name picked out since our 1st pregnancy where we ended up with a girl.

GIrl name not so sure...Verity is the one we are thinking of right now...not 100% though and I have no clue for a middle name. I love having the middle names be from a relative i just haven't thought of one that fits yet...we'll probably wait until after our ultrasound to figure taht out, if we have too.

What are your names?
Where have I heard the name Verity from? I've heard it somewhere...
I personally just found the name on a baby name website. We were looking up a name that ment truth and we liked the sound of that one.

Here's a list of people with the name according to Wikipedia. One of these may be familiar to you.

Verity Charlton, the Australian actress
Verity Lambert, the late English television producer
Verity Price, the South African singer/songwriter
Verity Rushworth, the English actress
Verity Sharp, the English broadcast radio personality
Verity White, the Australian broadcast radio personality
Verity Longley, the British entrepreneur and artist.
Verity, a fictional character in the James Bond film Die Another Day, portrayed by Madonna

Verity, a fictional character in Harry Potter series
Verity, a fictional character in Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy.
Verity Coomer, A New Zealand based Television Production Manager
It could be from HP, but I can't remember her!

AHA! It was Verity Lambert. I'm a geek and she's a producer of Doctor Who :)
We've had names in mind since we had our 2nd son 4 years ago ;)

But we have to wait and see what it is, narrow it down, and then see who they are when they are born!
if it's a girl her name will be Matilda *Louise* (middle name not set in stone). boys name we have absolutely no idea whatsoever.

our two year old is Oscar which means "divine spearman".
Matilda means "powerful in battle".

we are possibly breeding an army :):)
that's our plan too (to raise an army). Once our kids are old enough they shall have to fight!
Our 2 boys have 2 names from the 12 sons of Jacob. And my husband has a 3rd. We get jokes ALL THE TIME that we only have 9 more sons to go and we'll have a tribe ;)