~*~Becky~*~ (doeeyedbecky) wrote in sep2009babies,

Weekly update

How far along are you? 10w5d
What symptoms are you experiencing? Fatigue, M/S, sore breasts, headaches, heartburn/indigestion, gassy
How are you feeling? other than tired all the time, good
Any Dr. Appointments/ultrasounds/tests this past week and how did they go? Nope
Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week? Yep, Dr appointment on Thursday for the Nuchal Scan (NERVOUS!!!)
Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc?) Prepping myself for Cousin's death (hasn't happened yet, but she seems to be getting worse by the week)
Any questions you want to ask? Anyone else showing yet? I feel like I'm showing already. No one else has noticed, but I feel like I have.
Any Belly Pics from this week? Heck no... Too much fluff.
Any food cravings? Swiss cheese and raw veggies
Tell us your favorite thing about your pregnancy this week! Nothing I can think of!
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