Andrea (pickleshmickle) wrote in sep2009babies,

We are having a...

well we went into the doctor's yesterday for a normal check-up (i'm only 16weeks as of yesterday) and they brought out the heart doppler.  the baby was moving around so much they couldn't find the heartbeat so they made me go in for an ultrasound.

while in there (the baby's heartbeat was totally fine by the way!) she was ALREADY able to tell us what the baby is!  i was super surprised, wasn't counting on knowing that for another month or so!  so we are having ANOTHER boy!!  Oscar (my son, whose two) doesn't really get what's going on...i asked him if he wanted a little brother and he yelled out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  so he still has some major adjusting to do!

now we need a name.  my SO wanted a girl so badly he's a bit disappointed in this news, but is getting over it very quickly

so anyone have any name suggestions?  we need a name that goes with oscar.  my SO already said no to my choice, Emmett.  i already said no to HIS choice, Wilbur (WTF??), so we need our mind's opened up!!  :):)  we had a girl's name all picked out, Matilda, but of course we aren't using that one now (my SO was so sad by the news at first he said we should use it anyway :):)

so that's all, hope everyone's pregnancy is going well!  good luck everyone!


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