Andrea (pickleshmickle) wrote in sep2009babies,


1. Name or nickname?  Andrea
2. Age/location/marital status/any other personal info you'd like to share:  28, KCMO YO!, partner is brendan (phish head gamin geek), two dogs (luther and luna) and a cat (Dee-Dee Meriweather, don't ask, the humane society named her, and we thought it was awesome.)
3. Date you are expecting?  9-21-09
4. Other Childrens ages or First Born?  Oscar (2yrs)
5. What are your thoughts about being pregnant and/or becoming a mom?  I"m torn, i became pregnant with my IUD in, i am in that 0.1% club, so i really wasn't expecting this at all, we really only wanted one kid (and an awesome one at that!) and i had just weaned him from nursing two weeks before this news.
6. What things are you looking forward to after the birth?  i don't really know, those newborn days really scared me the first time, so we'll see how experience treats it this time!
7. Any other things about your situation or yourself that you'd like to share?  i'm calling this pregnancy the bonnaroo curse.  three years ago i was going to go to bonnaroo with my SO and a week before we bought tickets i found out i was pregnant with oscar.  fast forward to 2009, bought tickets to bonnaroo two weekends ago, that monday found out i was pregnant with my IUD in, my doctor told me i was ONE of TWO women she's had that happen to in twenty years of having her job, oh i feel so special!   i'm not going to a four day music festival with a six month pregnant belly in one hundred degree temp sleeping on the ground, no thank you!  i think i'm keeping away from that festival for the rest of my life!!
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